Practical Magic Mug Waitlist

In 2021, I began making mugs inspired by the movie Practical Magic. They were a hit, and have been my most requested mug from customers ever since. If you are on this page, it may be because you too are hoping to get one!

In 2023 I did an experiment with waitlists because of how long some people have been waiting to get a mug. From the start I was upfront about the fact that the waitlist was going to be done on a trial basis, and if it didn’t work out, I would be going back to first-come first-serve style sales.

In 2024 I will no longer be pulling names from my waitlist for these mugs. I will still be making them, but I have found that the waitlist only adds more steps to the sales process. And since I am running my business all on my own, this is a step I unfortunately cannot continue to employ.

I understand if this causes disappointment. I wanted the waitlist to work so much, but I’m still committed to bringing Practical Magic mugs to my restocks otherwise. Your continued support allows me to make pots for a living, including these beloved mugs!

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