Practical Magic Mug Waitlist

In 2021 I started making mugs inspired by Practical Magic. They were a hit, and have been in high demand ever since. Due to the nature of restocks, and my personal limitations on how many mugs I can reasonably make, many people are unsuccessful in restocks. In light of this, I have decided to do a trial run of a waitlist for these mugs.

How the waitlist will work:

  • By adding your name and contact information to a Google Form, you are essentially saving your place in line to buy one of these mugs.
  • When I have a set number of each made, I will work my way down the list and contact individuals who have expressed interest in buying one of these mugs.
  • There will be a separate Google Form for each different style of mug. You may submit your name to as many or as few of these forms as you wish.
  • When you are contacted via email, you will be given 24 hours to purchase ONE mug of the style you are in line for (if your name comes up at the same time for two different styles, you may buy one of each).
  • Extras after those 24 hours will be saved, and put in the next restock.

Some important things to note about this waitlist:

  • Submission to the waitlist will reserve your place in line for ONE mug. Purchases of multiple mugs of the same style will result in order cancelations.
  • Depending on the number of people who add their names to this list, you may be waiting a while to receive an email.
  • If this method proves to be too stressful, I may return to the restock style of sale. I just want to try this to make this process as equitable as possible.
  • Unless otherwise specified, colors available may vary from batch to batch. If you do not like the colors present in your 24 hour window, you may submit your name again to the waitlist.
  • This is NOT a preorder! You will be purchasing ready-made pottery when you receive your email.

The waitlists:


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