In running my own small business, I knew when I started that I wanted to incorporate my ethics and morals into my business and work. Here are the ways my work reflects those values:

  • All of my packing materials are either recycled, reused from other packages, or recyclable. I rely heavily on the use of biodegradable and recyclable materials, and only use plastics in rare cases, or when deemed necessary.
  • I always work towards reducing material waste in my studio. Scrap clay is recycled and used, glazes are used to the last drop, empty glaze pint jars are used to make test glazes, etc. I am also moving towards making my own glazes, reducing my dependence on glaze pints that contribute to plastic waste.
  • “Seconds” or less-than-perfect pots are sold at a discount to keep them from being thrown away, or are repurposed within my studio.
  • I contribute a portion of my earnings every year to organizations that reflect my morals. Past contributions have gone towards non-profits helping Indigenous Residential School Survivors, the preservation of the stories of Holocaust survivors, providing aid to Jewish Ukrainians, providing resources to BIPOC transgender women, and conservation of various wildlife species. As I work, I continue to contribute to worthy causes.
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