Frequently Asked Questions

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Buying Work

I sell my work in restock-style sales. It takes me 4-6 weeks to make enough pottery to fire my kiln, and when it is ready, I sell it on a first-come-first-serve basis. If you do not see anything for sale on my website, it means that I am working on a restock.

No. I only sell work that is ready-made.

I have a full time job that prevents me from keeping up with these kinds of orders. I am also still only one person, and pre-orders would sell out just as fast as ready-made pottery, so all a pre-order does is stress me out. This is my hobby, and I want to keep it fun.

I am sorry if you are not successful in buying something in one of my restocks. My tips for increased success are as follows:

  • Create an account on my website
  • Save your shipping info ahead of time
  • Subscribe to my email list to learn the date/time of the restocks
  • Set alarms on your phone, and log in with time to spare
  • Refresh your page at the time of the restock
  • Have your payment info ready to go (accepted forms of payment are at the bottom of my page)

These are merely suggestions for increased success, and do not guarantee a successful checkout. Shopping for multiple items during a restock may also result in an item in your cart selling out. Items added to your cart are NOT reserved.

In the interest of fairness, I do not reserve listings.

I cannot commit to an answer until each complete piece comes out of the kiln. I try to make things that are popular, and people want, but I also like to make things that make me happy. I have hundreds of ideas, and only so much time to implement them. I will revisit designs that people love, but they may not come back in every restock, and there will be a finite amount I make.

Please note: Due to the popularity of the Practical Magic mugs, and the oftentimes negative messages (that often turn to harassment) I get from people who are unsuccessful in a restock containing PM mugs, I am taking a break of undetermined length from making these mugs. Until the idea of making them, and the messages I receive after restocks, no longer fills me with dread and anxiety, I am not making them. Please understand that this decision is being made to protect my mental health, and to avoid emotional abuse from people who are disappointed they didn’t get a mug.

Please subscribe to my email list to learn first. Restock dates are also displayed in my Instagram and TikTok bios, as well as the main page of my website.

Pottery is my hobby. It's what I use to unwind from my day at work. I also love my job. I live for teaching, and giving that up would break my heart. It's completely possible for people to do two things at once. Telling me to quit my job so I can make more mugs isn't fair to me, or respectful of my boundaries.

I do take into consideration what people like, and what sells well, but since this is still my hobby, I choose what I make. If I start taking suggestions for all of what I make, then it feels like what I make isn't my idea anymore.

TikTok bowls and plates are one-offs. I make one for the video on TikTok, and that’s it. They’re incredibly labor intensive, and if I were to make multiples of them it would reduce the overall amount of other items I can make much faster.

Everyone has different preferences for which direction they like the detail on their mugs facing when using the mug with their dominant hand. I had to make a choice, so the assumption is that when using one of my mugs, you would have the detail facing OUT. However, if you’re right handed and like the detail facing IN, you might consider buying a “lefty” mug.

Yes, everything I sell is made by me by hand. How it’s made differs depending on the item. Mugs are all hand thrown on a wheel, as are plates, bowls, etc., and decorative items such as pumpkins and skulls are slip cast by me. Please read product descriptions so you are informed on what you are buying. Failure to read product descriptions is the fault of the buyer, NOT the seller.

Care tips

If a piece of pottery has any type of luster on it (22k yellow or white gold, or mother of pearl), NO. It will cause an arc in your microwave.

If an item has 22k yellow or white gold luster, or mother of pearl luster, NO. If an item has delicate details, such as sculpted bits, I would err on the side of caution, and not put items the dishwasher. If it is a basic mug, or a bowl, etc., yes. However, pottery is not impervious to damage, so please exercise caution when washing any pottery in the dishwasher.

If an item has 22k white or yellow gold luster, or mother of pearl luster, NO. If it does not have these elements, yes, WITH CAUTION. How to use your pottery in the oven:

  • Put your room temperature pottery and food in the oven BEFORE the preheat cycle
  • Putting a room temperature piece of pottery in a hot oven may cause thermal shock, resulting in cracked or broken pottery.
  • When removing pottery you have baked in, remove with safety gloves and allow the pottery to reach room temperature naturally.
  • Do NOT place hot pottery in temperatures below 32ºF, as this too may cause thermal shock

All pottery sold with the purpose of use with food or beverage is glazed in stable glazes. No glazed areas that will come into contact with your food or drink are glazed in glazes that contain led, or other harmful chemicals. These surfaces can withstand mild abrasions from utensils and cutlery, but please note that handmade pottery is not the same as store bought, and may exhibit wear and tear more than other items.

Maybe. If the break is something like a handle that's been broken off, you may be able to glue it back on using a two-part epoxy glue system. There are internet tutorials on this you can find through YouTube and Google, but I make no promises of success.

However, if the break is in a place that comes into contact with food or beverage, it is no longer safe to use and will never be water tight again. You can repair the damage with the epoxy glue and use the item as a decorative piece, but I do not advise you use the pottery for function.

I do not provide replacements of pottery that have been broken by user error.


I can't commit to a price until each item comes out of the kiln. However, examples of my ballpark pricing schedules are below:

  • Basic mug with easy design $50-60
  • Mug with advanced surface detail $60-90
  • Mug with ornate surface detail, which may include 22k gold or mother of pearl lusters $70-130
  • Plates $35-60
  • Large bowls $45-80
  • Etc...

In sum, each piece is assessed individually.

I set my prices by combining the following elements:

  • Time and labor
  • Materials used
  • Skill level


Currently, due to postal restrictions, I cannot ship to Australia and New Zealand. Besides these two restrictions, I ship all over the world, as long as there are no COVID-related shipping restrictions. Shipping times depend on the speed you chose in checkout, and the current restrictions and constraints of COVID-19.

I cannot quote you, as that all depends on weight, size, and location. This is determined in real time in checkout. Please note:

  • I do my best to lump multiple orders together if they are going to the same place, but sometimes it is safer to ship items separately.
  • If I do lump ship, I will refund any overages of $2 or more

I use USPS and UPS. International packages leave the hands of the US Postal service and are then taken over by that country's postal service.

If an item is damaged in shipping, please email me using the reply button to the confirmation email you got from me. Please provide pictures of the damage in question, as well as your packaging. I will provide a full refund as long as I am given proof of damage.

I do not provide replacements for broken items, but I do offer early access to the next restock, where you may purchase a new piece of pottery. The design you chose may or may not be in the next restock, but this is how I try to make things right for those who are disappointed by a broken piece of pottery.

I process pottery shipments between 5-10 business days of purchase. This does not include shipping time after the package has been picked up.

I am also limited by how many packages I can ship per day. I live very rurally, so my mail carrier uses their personal vehicle. To be fair to them, I limit my package pickups to 12-15 per day. Depending on how many orders I have to ship, it may take a few days for your package to be picked up. But they will be picked up within the 5-10 business day window.

If you ordered from a pre-order listing (which I offer very seldom), please refer to the estimated production date that the listing stated, which is usually 6-8 weeks.

Unless the person who purchased the listing for you has given me instructions or permission to tell you, by law I cannot share customer information.

If the items are going to the same destination, I try my best to lump shipments and refund any overages. Sometimes if an order is too big and it wouldn’t be safe to ship the items together anyway, I will ship in multiple boxes and not refund shipping. Your pottery arriving intact is my first goal!