Terms and Conditions

Returns, Exchanges, Refunds, Item Descriptions

  • Returns are not accepted.
  • Exchanges are not accepted.
  • Customers must read item descriptions, and view all images prior to checkout. Failure to read item descriptions is not grounds for a return, exchange, or refund.
  • All pottery on my website is hand made. It is either thrown on the wheel, or slip cast in a mold (skulls and pumpkins). Therefore, these items are not “perfect”, and won’t be the same as if you bought them from Walmart or Target. I place much care into how I create my work, but this is simply the nature of handmade.
  • No replacements will be provided in the event of human error, or accidents incurred while in use.
  • All mugs and cups using rhinestones and crystals are adhered using E6000 and B7000 glue. These are experimental items, and therefore there is some risk that with improper care, the rhinestones and crystals may come off. I have done my research on the adhesives necessary for this kind of project, but these are in the piloting stage. Please message me if you have a rhinestone or crystal come off, and we will work on a solution together.
  • Refunds are given in the event of damage in shipment. For a damage refund, you must email me with the following:
    • Your order number
    • Proof of breakage in the form of photographs of the pottery
    • Photographs of the packaging
    • A photograph of the shipping label
  • Failure to provide the above details may result in a refusal of a refund.

Shipping Times

  • All packages will be shipped either USPS or UPS-- whichever is most affordable depending on package weight.
  • All packages will be processed within 10 business days of purchase.
  • Processing time does not include shipping time.
  • USPS and UPS are experiencing unprecedented delays due to COVID-19 restrictions. I am not in control of shipping times, and cannot guarantee delivery by any date. Please understand that this is an unusual time for all small businesses, and that by purchasing from a small business during this time, you may be waiting longer than normal. (Essentially, I am not Amazon.)
  • I am only able to ship out about 12-16 packages per day because I live in a rural area, and my mail carrier uses a personal vehicle. So, with 60+ orders for each restock, that means that packages need to be shipped daily in batches so as to not overburden my mail carrier. The USPS does a lot for me, and I have come to this arrangement out of respect for them and their time.

Privacy Policies

  • Inquiries related to any of the questions addressed on the Frequently Asked Questions page may go unanswered. I get these messages a lot, and while I appreciate them, they take a lot of energy to reply to each and every one. I simply don't have enough time to fairly answer those kinds of questions.
  • For all other inquiries that aren't addressed on the FAQs, please do reach out.
  • For privacy reasons, I cannot give out customer information. If you received a piece of pottery from me that you did not order, someone may have purchased it for you. I cannot tell you who purchased it for you unless the instructions have told me to leave a note.
Personal Boundaries and Respect
Because of the nature of how many people are interested in buying my work, and my human limitations on how much pottery I can realistically make, I cannot meet the demand for my work. I understand that some may be disappointed if they are unable to secure something in a restock. However, rudeness and harassment are never acceptable. Unsolicited criticisms, and unconstructive messages are included. I reserve the right to terminate a transaction, or refuse service, on these grounds. If an interaction is deemed hostile, rude, harassing, or abusive in nature, the customer may be blacklisted from the shop, and their account permanently banned from the website.