Practical Magic

Information on Practical Magic mugs

I have been making mugs inspired by Practical Magic since 2021. These mugs, like any other mug I sell, are sold via my restocks in first-come first-serve style sales. They show up in restocks every few months.

Previously I had tried (and mentioned that it was a trial basis and I may not stick to it) doing a waitlist for these mugs, but quickly the number of people adding their name to the waitlist grew to over 4,000 people. This was wonderful for me as an artist, but not wonderful for the people who found my mugs after other people.

Even if I were to make only Practical Magic mugs all year, it would still take me four years to make my way through the list of people who expressed interest in these mugs. I feel that my work as an artist suffers when I make the same thing over and over, and since these mugs mean so much to me and to other people, I feel that they deserve to be made intentionally and with love.

If you would like to be informed when these mugs are available, my email list signup on the homepage here is the best way to find out.

**December 2023 status update: I am currently making a large batch of these mugs, and setting them aside for an early 2024 restock. When I reach the number of mugs I want to bring to the shop, I will send out an email alert via my email list.



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